Historical Background of Institute of Transport & Management Technology

Institute of Transport & Management Technology was established in March 1984 first as school of Flight Attendants Air Ticketing & Reservation. The name was later changed to Institute of Air Travel & Management Studies. In the year 2000, the name changed to Institute of Air Travel & Maritime Studies to accommodate the Maritime department of the institute. As the institute grows with more programmes, the name was changed to Institute of Transport & Management Technology. The Act establishing the institute empowers it to do the following:


1.To carry on the business as management practitioners and to undertake general management, financial, marketing and other forms of business consultancy services in fulfillment of which the institute is
empowered to conduct feasibility studies, hold seminars, symposia, conferences, management games, workshops, role playing exercises and all forms of management development and training activities in Nigeria or elsewhere.


2.To organize and offer courses in the field of management, Business Administration, Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Internal Auditing, Basic Education, Law, Purchasing, Hotel & Catering, Tourism, Health Education, Engineering, Transport, Aviation, Computer and all other related
Technology, Public Relations, Advertising, Insurance, Secretaryship, Teacher Education, Agriculture, Marketing, Sales Management, Shipping & other fields of learning in full time, part time, weekend, postal &
sandwich courses in any part of Nigeria or elsewhere in the world.


3.For the effective execution of object 3(b) above, the institute shall set up training institutions, colleges, centers, offices, agencies in any part of Nigeria or elsewhere provided that such organs of the institute operates as divisions of the institute, they shall be given any name considered necessary from time to time by the institute.


4.In furtherance of objective 3(b) above, the institute shall at any time considered necessary organize and hold terminal promotional and/or final course examinations for its students for the assessment of their
standards or progress in the above studies. In confirmation of such standard of academic achievements, the institute or its organs shall grant or issue to students considered qualified Certificates, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Postgraduate Diplomas or any other form of qualification considered necessary from time to time among others.



Approved by the Ministry of Education reference number LED / CED/ VOL. 4/S. 396 VOL 1 of 27thDecember 1988. Recognized as a training center for the Nigerian Institute of Shipping and the Chartered Institute of Aviation Management of Nigeria. The institute is also registered under Companies & Allied Matters Act of 1990 RC 395597 of 27th November 2000 . Recognized by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Aviation reference number CA08 / 008 / 1of 18th August 1986.

The institute has made tremendous achievements in the field of training and manpower development. It has contributed significantly to the provision of middle and senior level power in the transport and business world. With the convocation of today, it has graduated almost three thousand candidates since its inception. This institute has done well in terms of contributing to the economy of Nigeria.